Indiana Child Support Arrears Penalties

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Arrears Estimator Department of Child Support Services.

States may look at interest on child support arrears as both an incentive to. However those who have a reported child support arrearage are not eligible. From four states South Carolina Virginia Indiana and Georgia.

You must be delinquent in your child support debt If you are current your refund cannot be seized If you are delinquent in both child and spousal support both can be collected through your tax refund If the custodial parent is on TANF support you must owe at least 150 or 500 if it is a non-TANF situation.

Indiana's Statute of Limitations on Back Child Support Payments Arrears Indiana limits enforcement of child support orders to 10 years after the child turns 1 years old or the date of emancipation whichever is earlier The statute of limitations for Indiana child support judgments is 20 years.

The laws governing this kind of obligation vary dramatically state-by-state and tribe-by-tribe.

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